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Institute of Global Excellence in Teacher Education


In order to emerge as an institute of global excellence in Teacher Education the college provides adequate infrastructural and other facilities to broaden the horizon and perspective of the trainees to develop personal qualities and skills in them. In order to develop practical skills and to promote participative learning among teacher trainees, the college has established fully equipped laboratories viz

Mathematics Lab

A place where students can learn & explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials, these activities help the students to explore, to learn to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards mathematics. Our math lab is adequately equipped with models charts, graphs, pictures, poster etc.


Technology Lab

Since Twenty First century is the age of science and information Technology, the college has the facility for imparting quality education to the trainees by using modern technological devices viz the use of OHP, LCD, CD Player, Cassette Players, DVD, Slide projector etc. These are readily available in a spacious and well ventilated Technology Lab.

Language Lab

In the present global technical Scenario, there is a need to communicate effectively in English. It has become a necessity than a privilege. The main objective of Language Lab is to prepare students to overcome language barriers and to develop a positive attitude towards language learning.

Social Science Lab

The college has a well equipped Social Science room cum laboratory. It is well equipped with equipments, apparatus as required for the subject which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective work room for the pupil/ teachers.

Psychology Lab

The Lab is equipped with latest apparatus and psychological tests to acquaint the students with the objectives and administering of these tests, Many a times these tests are administered on the students and the results thereof are communicated to the students to make them aware about the importance of these tests.

Computer Lab

The Lab is fitted with computers and Laptops with internet facility, printers and scanner. To make the students computer literate there are sufficient number of computers that are accessible to not only to the students but also to all the faculty members. Special class for those who opt for other papers and also organised project work. Online data entry and internet work is the speciality of our computer lab.

Science Lab

Science lab is fully equipped with Microscopes, balances, charts and models: The Lab is all purposeful for demonstration of practicals of Bio Sciences and physical sciences that scientific temper is inculcated among the students to train the students to handle the equipment and train them to give demonstration of the lesson taught in theory


The College of Education has a specious library block of 21000 sq.Ft. Area with around 10,000 books which include more than 8000 text books, 1000 references books and 32 subscribed journals.